Steel Silos Redefining Grain Storage Systems

Steel Silos are redefining grain storage systems in India, according to the company. ZINCALUME® Steel Grain Storage Silo Manufacturer India.
Grain Storage Silos

Steel Silos Redefining Grain Storage Systems Manufacturer India

Grain storage silos must be modernised and scientifically improved.

Because of its adaptability, ease of installation, sanitary handling, and low storage costs, steel silos are currently the greatest grain-storage option on the market today. In the past, metal silos have played a significant role in the preservation of key natural or man-made resources.

In today’s modern civilization, large steel silos can be used to store a wide range of agricultural, commercial, and industrial products, including grains, cement, fly ash, and mineral materials.

Grain and food storage, as well as food processing facilities, are among the most vital. These facilities require the utmost sanitation and protection from external elements!

As a result, grain quality suffers and the product is wasted due to poor storage conditions. It is because of poor storage procedures that the grains become contaminated with moulds and insects.

What is a Steel Silo?

Galvanized coils are used to construct a cylindrical storage facility known as a steel silo. It is possible to further subdivide the type of steel silo into spiral steel silo and assembled steel silo. There is a fundamental difference between a steel silo’s structure and that of an ordinary warehouse. They not only save space, but they are also a cost-effective and long-lasting alternative to traditional methods of grain storing data.

Characteristics of a Steel Silos :

  • Designed to withstand snow loads & strong winds
  • They offer high tensile strength
  • Designed to adhere to soil conditions
  • Built with a robust framework, enable optimum storage conditions
  • Economical Grain storage options than warehouse storage
  • Easy and Quick to install
  • Termite, fire and mold resistant

ZINCALUME® steel is a well-researched, durable, and most trusted product in the storage industry because of the demand for non-conventional, futuristic, lightweight, and stronger material.

With the help of materials like ZINCALUME® Steel, farmers and exporters are able to maintain the quality of their produce in accordance with international standards, which reduces losses. In addition to saving money, this reduces losses and rejections by importers, allowing for better prices in the global market.

Most Advantageous Material for Silos :

Tata BlueScope Steel’s ZINCALUME® steel, known for its exceptional performance, is the material of choice for metal silos. ZINCALUME® steel, composed of 55% aluminium, 43.4 percent zinc, and 1.6 percent silicon, has been around for more than 50 years and is a tried-and-true formula for long-term performance.

Some of its highlights are :

  • Offers excellent corrosion resistance. Remarkable Cut Edge Protection
  • Light weight, Conventional GI sections of higher thicknesses can be replaced with lesser sections of ZINCALUME® steel resulting in less bulky structures
  • Looks newer for longer due to reduced oxidation, up to 4 times longer life than conventional steel material
  • Improved thermal efficiency and temperature control for storage
  • Easy formability, ZINCALUME® steel has specific steel grades suitable for most forming operations, without sacrificing coating adhesion.
  • Suitable for all weatherability and climatic conditions
  • Sustained durability with low maintenance in the long term
  • Made from sustainable material

For grain storage, ZINCALUME® silos are the best choice. It is known that grains in contact with heated Galvanized Sheets become brittle due to the high solar heat absorption capacity of the galvanised steel silos In contrast, ZINCALUME® steel ensures less heat absorption, thereby preventing grain quality from deteriorating.

Additionally, ZINCALUME® steel Silos, a versatile material, can be used to build other formidable structures where humans interact. As an alternative to LGF, you can rely on ZINCALUME® steel for its high quality and performance in a wide range of Silos applications, including pipe cladding, drywall partitions, doors and windows, and solar mounting structures.

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