Steel Grain Storage Silo Operation Guidelines

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Grain Storage Silos

Operation Guidelines for Grain Storage Silos or Grain Bins

Steel Grain Silo (also referred to as steel grain Bins) is an effective and cost-effective facility for handling your grains that offer protection against external insects and other impacts and provide convenient handling. Green Silos is a professional steel silo manufacturer dedicated to providing worldwide customers with turn-key storage solutions for grain.

Steel Grain Silo Operation Guidelines :

  • Load and unload materials in a leaning sideways strictly prohibited. Correct operation steps: A: first unload the material from the middle release hole until no cereal can come out of the hole. B: Open the two side panels with a load speed of 100 T / H at the same time.
  • New grain silo loading requirement: 60% of the volume initially loaded and 40% remaining after two months.
  • It is strictly prohibited to open the grain silo door when the grain is over the height of the door. This would lead to an explosion of material and silo collapse that could result in injury or death.
  • Workers are strictly prohibited from loading, discharging or breaking the grain block into the steel grain silos.
  • Close the door to protect its content from the weather and avoid spillage after maintenances have been completed.
  • Ensure that trained professional workers are kept regularly according to the instructions for silo grain steel and silo accessories.
  • Please take measures promptly if zinc or painted components are rusty.
  • The valves and inverts are run when the grain temperature is high or the moisture temperature is high (putting grains in the silos and passing inverted transmission conveyors and back to steel silo).
  • When someone maintained the machine, strictly prohibit starting the machine.
  • Keep the steel grain silo off when it is bad to avoid lightning damage.
  • To prevent the steel granulated silo from being lighted, connect the column to the lightning net on the embedded part.

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