Material Handling Equipment

Green Silos Offering High Quality Material Handling Equipment and Storage Solutions and supplying around the Globe.

Material Handing Equipment Manufacturer

We are a major manufacturer of batching silo, belt conveyor, screw conveyor and drag-and-drop conveyor, bucket elevators for grain storage silos applications.

Conveyors : Green Silos has chain conveyors, vibration and belt conveyors designed and manufactured for various applications in order to meet operational needs.

Chain Conveyors : Chain conveyors are equipped with high quality parts and are suitable for transport horizontal and slanted goods demanding completely closed dust-resistant transport such as cereals, pellets etc.

Green Silos chain conveyors are designed in a modular system and are supplied with exact lengths of 2TPH to 1000TPH with different volumes. These come with different attachments, which make them ideal for special applications and with additional features that improve protection.

Screw Conveyors : Screw conveyors are designed to transport a wide range of agricultural and industrial products in a professional and consistent way. Equipment and accessories for single conveyors as well as for complete systems for big, turn-key projects are made. These conveyors feature reversible engines and many low dump discharge gate-controlled points for versatility.

Belt Conveyors : Belt conveyors are used to convey grain seeds, pellets, powder, etc., in a medium period. The shape of the belt, the inclination of the device, and the speed of motion depends on the solid material. The belt conveyor speed is typical of 11-16 km / h.

Slide Gates : Green Silos slide gate valves have been designed to protect grain from storage outlets, metal silos, and another point of discharge. Diaphragm gates are supported in hand-operated and pneumatic valves. The standard sizes can be ordered from 6inch to 36inch in standard dimension.

Bucket Elevator :

For transportation of fluent bulk material vertically, bucket elevators are used. Green silos bucket elevators are constructed so that the high quality components stand up to the mechanical cycle.

A pad lift can lift a variety of bulk materials between light and heavily and between wide and finely lit.

Pre Cleaner : Pre Cleaner is used to remove other contaminants, such as dust, dirt, sand, mud, etc.

Sweep Augers : In silos with a flat floor, sweeping auger is used to unload the grain remains from the silo, another manufactured material handling device; the auger collects the material inside a silo rotated in 360 degree and guides it towards the openings at the unloading auger.

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