Hopper Bottom Silos

Hopper Bottom Silo Manufacturer and Suppliers in size range from 50 m3 to 25000 m3. and Installed and operated more than 1000+ Hopper Bottom Grain Silos around the Globe.

Hopper Bottom Silos Manufacturers and Suppliers

The steel silos with an underneath cone are hopper bottom silos (also called bottom silos, hopper bottom storage bins). Bottom silos of hopper are mounted on the supporting structure to allow simple unloading of sensitive items.

No measures and fins to deliver the cleanest product download from silo, hopper silos have a smooth wall hopper transfer. The substance contained inside the silo is separated from the earth, which helps avoid contamination, allows silos to be connected by tapes and makes perfect extraction or dosage easier.

Specifications of Hopper Bottom Silos:

The hopper, rings and stainless steels are galvanized steel sheets made from hot dip. The D-4097 or ASTM D-3299 specifications are valid for all our hopper cones for small cone heads. The hopper or cone angles are usually built at 45o and 60o in conjunction with the stored grain items and storage situations.

The hopper silos configuration depends on the kind of items to store. In general, pellets like maize , wheat, soybeans and pellets are pelleted with a free flowing products that require a 45 ° angle hopper bottom silo while powder or other hard to flow material fits 60 ° bottom cone silo storage.

Hopper Bottom Silos Manufacturers
Hopper Bottom Silos Suppliers

Production & Applications :

The majority of the products were maintained with the leading international competitors. Many of them have taken the lead, notably grain storage and grain safety control software.

Bottom hopper silos are widely used for the storage and storage of animal and pellet pellets for animal, poultry and fish which require specific storage conditions (sunflower seeds, soy, maize , sorghum, rices, industrial products, etc.). The wet grain may also be temporarily stored in a drying facility and other buffer bin applications in silo plants. They are commonly used in poultry, rice mills, fisheries, soybean oil mills, feed factories and breweries.

Main Components of Hopper Silos :

  • Sealed Roof : High strength and stealth are the unique trapezoidal structure of the roof. The qualified sealed technology allows for a close connection of the roof to the sidewall and prevents storage of moisture products.
  • Cylindrical Body : Green Silos Brand hopper base silos are made of body sheets and stiffeners and are made of high elastic S350GD galvanized stainless steel with a coating of 600g / m2 zinc.
  • Galvanized Bottom : The cone bottom made of galvanized steel supports the silos and lasts for up to 30 years .. Special content like food pellets and other items can be quickly unloaded with a hopber of 45º.
  • Access Ladder & Door : GreenSilos Brand galvanized high strength ladders have roll-shaped sides and rungs that avoid rotation for quick escalation. The doors of the gate offer access to the silo within the second ring.
  • Inspection Door : GreenSilos designs and installs a door to control the grain content and condition with a flexible cover for full moisture protection and safety on the top of the steel silos.

Green Silos offering design, manufacture, and supplier of Grain Storage Silos, around the Globe and having happy customers spread across Australia, Argentina, China, Chile, Honduras, Ethiopia, India , Myanmar, Indonesia, Sudan, South Africa, Serbia, Pakistan, Tanzania, Thailand, Mexico, Ukraine, Vietnam, Philippines, Peru, and Uganda, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Cambodia, Thailand, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar etc.

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