Flat Bottom Silos

Flat Bottom Silo Manufacturer and Suppliers in size range from 50 m3 to 25000 m3. and Installed and operated more than 1000+ Flat Bottom Grain Storage Silos around the Globe.

Flat Bottom Silos Manufacturers and Suppliers

Flat bottom silos are usually selected steel silos or steel bins for the storage of bulk grains and other material, often called flat bottom bins, flat bins, etc. The characteristic feature is a large volumen capacity, which ranges from 39 m3 to 29726 m3 for this type of grain storage silo.

These bins are placed on flat or conical concrete bases for the long-term preservation of large quantities of grain, seeds, pellets and granular products, etc. All our flat silos or flat bins are built, constructed.

Specifications of Flat Bottom Silos :

The flat bins are made of galvanized steel plate with a high level with 275 g / m2, 300g / m2, 350 g / m 2, rolling into corrugation and forming regular joining holes. The steel silo stiffeners that are uniformly vertically distributed into the silos support vertical friction.

The attachment bolts with round galvanized washing machines are provided with contact holes, which are supplied by age resistant and waterproof daub belt unique for the aviation field. The flat silo is solid and durable when attached to these plates and stiffeners by high-strength screw bolts. The flat bottom silos have flat doors, ladder outer and ladder guard rings.

Production & Application :

The most modern machines, such as laser fiber machines, CNC bending machine in metal sheets and professional welding lines, etc., have been equipped for our modern factory, allowing us to maintain high quality, shorter deliveries and cost competitiveness in order to meet the demands of our customers worldwide. Most products have been maintained alongside the international leaders. Some have been leading, especially the software for grain-control storage and the plant safety system.

Flat bottom silos are widely applied for grain storage, flour, animal feed, starch, grease processing, rice milling factory, brewing, biology and chemical industry, mono sodium amalgamate, environmental protection etc.

Grain Storage Silos Manufacturers

Flat Bottom Silos Main Components :

Green Silos Brand flat bottom silos consist of silo roof, manhole, hand rail roof, wind, inside and outside, inside and outside of the stiffener, silo door, door platform, bucket lift, stain lift, temperature controller, warehouse level indicator and storage control system. Each is integrated with the seamless system to ensure automated, safe, productive and effective storage of grains. All parts consist of grain containers made of high standard materials in a strict quality control and process process. Many of these are as follows:

  • Water-proof Silo Roof : The top of the flat bottom steel bin is made of C model straight, zinc coated carbon steel with fine ventilation, manhole, lader and safety watchmen. The material is made with natural ventilation windows.
  • Corrugated Silo Body : The steel flat silo body is designed and constructed with high elastic tolerance and stainless coating, with heat-driven, rigid galvanizing plates. Such tiles are twisted and shaped into regular connecting holes. Such plates and stiffeners are attached to the corrugated silo body by high-stretched screw boxes in order to hold flat containers solid and sturdy.
  • Concrete Silo Base : When the capacity is large and flat bin diameter is less than 12 m, the cement cone base will be applied when stored product is automatically unloaded. If the silo diameter is greater than 12 m, the semi-cone or flat foundation is built. Half-cone base can not unload all of the material, it needs a spiral sweeper for unloading stuff. Cement foundation has a medium price and a long building time.

Green Silos offering design, manufacture, and supplier of Grain Storage Silos, around the Globe and having happy customers spread across Australia, Argentina, China, Chile, Honduras, Ethiopia, India , Myanmar, Indonesia, Sudan, South Africa, Serbia, Pakistan, Tanzania, Thailand, Mexico, Ukraine, Vietnam, Philippines, Peru, and Uganda, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Cambodia, Thailand, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar etc.

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